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Delaware Valley - USA

$90 first hour minimum per character charge  - non refundable deposit if cancellation purchaser part

2nd hour -          $90 per hour

3rd & 4th hours - $60 per hour

8 hour package    $500

Characters get 10 minute break per hour & half hour break every 4 hours (extreme temperatures may require more on and off break time and longer rest period.

10 minutes into the hour constitutes the hour unless previously arranged and prorated

Rates cover 50 mile Delaware Valley  radius

Additional mileage and travel cost for appointments over 50 miles.

If for party - rates based on per 10 head count. Larger guest count number is higher and based on agreed price, location, and time

Special rates for special events may be negotiated


Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, Promoters,

Christian Businesses

Have Lazurus Lion, Sonshine Lion & ClubK4C at your next Event, Party, Sale or Store Opening

Party, Promotion, & Profit

the Positive and Christian Way

Characters & Club Promote

Positive Christian Values&

& And are a lot of Fun

Contact us at (856) 728 - 0777

for more info and rates


All events must be compliant to the beliefs and values of ClubK4C and its parent company The Glory Cloud publications LLC.

ClubK4C and its owners have the right to refuse any request that does not fall in accordance with its values, as where the content, design, model and make up of this business, organization, products and services are in existence upon its values.

For full list of values visit

USE of ClubK4C, its characters, name, logos, images, music or any other intellectually property without preauthorized consent is strictly forbidden. For rights of use please contact us at


(856) 728 - 0777